Past Projects



Loose collective developed the business model, creative concept, branding, graphic design and uniforms as well as programming the musical content and project delivery of the Sensory Underground. The sell out event of 3,500 tickets over four weeks attracted incredible press coverage and a digital storm on Instagram under the hash tag #sensoryunderground. 

The immersive dinning experience was located in an unused underground concrete warehouse that was accessed via the end of train platform13 at Flinders St. Guests were ushered through the secret door via an aroma sauna that was paired with the entry cocktail before being seated. 

Each course was announced via a digital Maitre’D.  The room design, table setting and food offer all observed future trends. The menu was carefully curated by Tokyo Tina and explored ideas around alternative proteins, radical sustainability, 3D printed food and the central theme of ‘waste nothing’ where we supplied an edible plate for main course. The ambient soundtrack was programmed to perfectly match a range of digital artworks by lauded local and international audio and visual artists.

Partners and alignments

The NGV, Asahi, Innocent Bystander, Urban List, Air Aroma, Abbe, CVA, Visit Victoria, White Night

Contributing Artists

Kit Webster, Paul Findlay, Eugene Perepletchikov, Georgia Nowak, Phoria, Studio SPGD,

David Stenbeck, Evelyn Bencicovia, Ryan Foote



Before establishing Loose Collective, Nick & Lucy Ennis were the founding Directors and Designers of Nique. The Australian fashion brand evolved from a side project back in ‘98 into a complex vertical retail and International wholesale business employing 65 staff.

Running a fashion brand over 18 years required the successful navigation of signifiant change factors as well as the co-ordination of several divisions. The success of the business was determined by the ability to foresee change and co-ordinate design, production, finance, retail operations, digital marketing and user experience into one seamless operation.



White Label is a premium basics brand that celebrates minimal design and natural luxury through fabrications like Bamboo Cotton, Linen, Cashmere and Hemp. The line consists of 150 pieces of Jersey and knit based products. Originally designed as a support brand to the NIQUE, White Label quickly developed its own following and was predominantly sold through 120 national Wholesale Accounts and the NIQUE retail chain.



The West Melbourne loft was purchased as a raw shell and transformed to become a multi level home/office launch pad for the brand, NIQUE. AA Architects were engaged to design and administer the project which resulted in receiving several design awards including the Australian Interior Design Awards Premier Award for Excellence and Innovation, Best of State Residential Design, National winner Residential Design, and HOUSES Awards winner, Apartment category.