Loose Collective



In ‘98 Loose Collective founders, Nick & Lucy Ennis established a Design Agency that serviced the burgeoning electronic music scene and its ancillary brands. At that point in time their agency was primarily a Graphic Design and Multimedia studio but quickly evolved into something more. Observing a gap in the market, the company re-set its target on creating its own brand and shortly afterwards, NIQUE the fashion brand was born. 

In the 18 years of running the brand prior to its recent sale, the Founders established a vast International Wholesale distribution network, opened 12 retail outlets, participated in several International trade shows as well as Melbourne Fashion Week. NIQUE became a go-to for touring International bands, DJ’s, Actors and artists like The XX, INXS, Arcade Fire, Lorde, Bonobo and Kirsten Dunst among many others. 

Beyond the head line achievements, the company was focused on establishing high standards in ethical production, both environmentally and through the supply chain work place. 

As Managing Directors of a multifaceted designer fashion brand producing over 80,000 units per year, Nick & Lucy Ennis are accustomed to running creative businesses at an optimum level. 

‘We’re carrying forward the knowledge we accumulated into a range of orginal ‘experience based’ projects that will seek to redefine the status quo and bring life to old paradigms’

- Nick Ennis Loose Collective & NIQUE cofounder